Um... I'm In The Bahamas With The Cast of 'Scrubs'

Donaldfaison2_scrubs_s6_240 Remember a few weeks back when I told you the cast of Scrubs might be traveling to the Bahamas to film a wedding episode? Well, guess who scored an invite to the nuptials...

I don't know how it happened, but I am here on a beautiful Bahamian island with Zach Braff, Bill Lawrence and company as we speak. Yes, this time yesterday I met the entire cast and crew at a private terminal in Los Angeles -- fun fact: News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch was there too, waiting to board his own private jet -- where we hopped on a chartered flight to make the trek down. And I must tell you, traveling with the Scrubs family is quite a privilege.

First of all, it was Donald Faison's birthday yesterday, which Zach promptly announced minutes after arriving, so I got to watch J.D.'s brown bear, accompanied by his lovely lady friend CaCee Cobb, do a fancy birthday dance for everyone. But more than anything, I was just struck by the overwhelmingly good vibe this entire group has going. Many of the crew members have brought their kids and spouses along for the trip -- John C. McGinley's wife and very well-behaved baby girl are here too -- the cast is in great spirits and everyone just seems psyched to be together for this experience. I mean, as soon as the captain turned off the 'fasten seatbelt' sign, Zach began patrolling the aisles with his camera and a Bloody Mary -- courtesy of producer Randall Winston who mixed a very special version of the cocktail for everyone. Shout out to my row mates, DP Andy Rawson and Set Dresser Vince for their very generous offerings to share the vodka and soda they carried on. Yes, the cast and crew of Scrubs carries on. Even the flight attendants were having a good time.

And now that we're here, I've got to jet to set and see what's on tap for today. FYI, I took a sneak peek at the pages they're shooting this week and it looks to be a pretty big episode for J.D. and Elliot -- one that fans of the couple will remember for a long time. No, that doesn't mean they're the two that are tying the knot. Just means that if you love seeing J.D. and Elliot together, this trip down to the Bahamas (where Scrubs airs seven days a week on a channel called WGN America, it was actually playing in my hotel room when I arrived last night) will be memorable one.

And by the way, if you've got any Scrubs-related questions you desperately want answered, email me at I doubt I'll ever have this level of access again...