'Veronica Mars' movie: Leighton Meester's role recast with Andrea Estella

Back in Season 1 of "Veronica Mars," Leighton Meester ( "Gossip Girl") played the role of Carrie Bishop in a memorable episode. That part has been recast with singer Andrea Estella to play Carrie in the upcoming "Veronica Mars" movie.

Rob Thomas, the creator of the "Veronica Mars" series and the writer/director of the film, announced the casting change in a message sent to Kickstarter supporters on Sunday (July 14). He had wanted to bring Meester back to reprise the role of Carrie Bishop, but the actress was unfortunately committed to another film project and was therefore unavailable.

Because Thomas had envisioned the movie incarnation of Carrie as a singing role, Andrea Estella of the band "Twin Sister" was offered the recast part. Some of Twin Sister's songs will also feature in the "Veronica Mars" movie.

Estella sent a message to the film's supporters along with Thomas' casting announcement. The first-time actress noted that "it's been a bit of a dream to be in a movie, especially being a messed up rock princess."

Carrie Bishop originally featured prominently in the first season "Veronica Mars" episode, "Mars vs. Mars." Veronica spends most of the episode trying to prove that Carrie was lying when she said that their history teacher, Mr. Rooks (played by Adam Scott of "Parks and Recreation"), had had sex with her. By the end of the episode, however, Veronica and Carrie reach an understanding about the situation.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Jessica Amaya