Vice apologizes for suicide-themed 'Last Words' spread in 2013 fiction issue

After being met with an intensely negative reaction, Vice Magazine has pulled the suicide-themed pictures features in the "Last Words" photo spread on their website. An apology has also been issued by the magazine.

The fashion spread showed models reenacting the suicides of noted female authors, including Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf and Sanmao. Arguably the most offensive photo recreated the attempted suicide of Dorothy Parker, who slit her wrists. In the photo, a model is shown with her wrists bleeding into a sink. Parker survived the attempt and lived to be 73 years old.

Below each photo was a cause of death and date, along with the details of what the model featured in each image was wearing.While Vice maintains that their photo shoots are always "unconventional," they apologize for anyone hurt of offended by the images. They also say the pictures will not appear on their website again.
Photo/Video credit: Fair Use