Video: 'Garth Brooks, Live From Las Vegas,' Merle Haggard to James Taylor

garth-brooks-live-from-las-vegas-special.jpg Garth Brooks had a CBS special Friday (Nov. 29), "Live from Las Vegas," a live broadcast of his final performance of his one-man show at the Wynn Las Vegas, which has been running the last three years.

The special is a musical journey of Brooks' own stuff but also the songs and artists who influenced him along the way. He starts in the 1960s with a really funny recounting of how his parents' musical tastes differed.

His dad was into two musical icons -- Merle Haggard and George Jones. His mom was into Motown, particularly Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. Brooks cracks that as a little kid, he wanted to like his dad's music, but it wasn't exactly kid-appropriate.

"Everything Haggard did in the '60s was about prison. People, I'm five years old. In Oklahoma, that's still a good 8-9 years away from prison," laughs Brooks.

As the Brooks family moved into the 1970s, Garth talks about how the first record that brought his whole family together was an album called "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor -- and how he got to play with Taylor during a "musical heroes" special VH1 did.

The full special is below, in case you missed it.

Photo/Video credit: CBS