VIDEO: 'Mercy' puts nurses at center stage

Michelle_trachtenburg_290 Nurses are sassy! Nurses know best! We're not trying to knock the profession, mind, but NBC's "Mercy" seems determined to paint its main characters as all that stands between us and certain death at the hands of incompetent doctors.

That's an odd direction for a show to take in an age of medical dramas like "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy" and even "Scrubs," where we see it takes a hospital community to heal the sick.

Anyway, Taylor Schilling is the Iraq War vet torn between a former love and her (judging by these clips) boorish husband; Jamie Lee Kirchner ("Rescue Me") is the sexpot nurse everyone wants; and "Gossip Girl's" Michelle Trachtenburg is the requisite idealistic newbie. We'll let the preview tell you everything else you need to know:

Not scared off yet? Check out a few more scenes:


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