VIDEO: New season of 'Primeval' set for May 16


"Primeval" is back with another season of monsters and anomalies.

The sci-fi show will premiere its third season May 16 and fans can expect some ambitious work, according to co-creator and executive producer, Adrian Hodges. "It's always been our ambition on "Primeval" to deliver an exciting, character driven action-adventure show that feels in every way like a mini-feature film each week. We truly believe this third season matches that ambition as never before," he said.

With Nick Cutter's research assistant (Stephen Hart) deceased, the team takes on new cast members to take on the beings that jump forth from the anomalies in Londontown -- like the the Giganotosaurus -- a creature bigger and badder than a T-Rex. The new season also brings an unusual new monster designed entirely by a Primeval fan. 

In addition, creatures steeped in ancient folklore begin to appear as it becomes clear that the origins of myths and legends are linked with the mysterious anomalies. From a Pristichampus, a creature which bares a striking resemblance to the ancient Egyptian crocodile demon, Ammut, to a Dracorex being hunted by a deranged Knight who's convinced it's a dragon he must slay, it seems everyone wants a bite of the action.

As deadlier creatures from the past and future continue to rampage through the anomalies, the cloak of secrecy behind which the team has been working is in jeopardy. Questions are being asked and the conspiracy spreads its net wide.

Check out a brief preview...

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