Wanna know the Janitor's name on 'Scrubs'?

Neilflynn_scrubs_290 One of the enduring mysteries of "Scrubs" -- or, OK, one of the silly things about "Scrubs" that's fun to talk about -- has been the Sacred Heart staff's eight-season-long quest to discover the real name of the Janitor.

Fans of the show may very well get the answer in Wednesday's finale -- series creator Bill Lawrence has said many times that the show will be over when the Janitor's name is revealed. (That was the intention when the finale was filmed, at least; there are reports that ABC is considering bringing some form of the show back next season.) But in case that doesn't happen, there's a way to find out for yourself.

No overt spoilers here, but if you follow the clues you should be able to guess. Commenters may share the name too.

When I spoke to Lawrence about the end of the season a few weeks back, he mentioned there was a way to figure out the Janitor's name. Echoing remarks he made in a talk at his alma mater, William & Mary, earlier this year, Lawrence said that he and Neil Flynn, who plays the Janitor, decided on the character's name some time ago.

Flynn did some voice work on Lawrence's animated series "Clone High" a few years back, and in one case played a Janitor on the show. "In his head, he was playing the same guy," Lawrence says, so they decided then that the Janitor's name would be the name of that character.

So there you go. The Janitor's real name is not Dr. Jan I. Tor, nor is it Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate, which is what Flynn offered up at the TV critics press tour last summer (that one's actually from a Dr. Seuss story). It's not "Neil Flynn" either -- that one came from an early episode in which J.D. (Zach Braff) is watching "The Fugitive" and sees the transit cop character played by Flynn on screen.


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