Watch the Etch A Sketch's history told via Etch A Sketch drawings

For those that don't know the story behind the creation of the Etch A Sketch drawing toy, there's really only one way to tell it. An artist named Christoph Niemann has created a tribute to the toy and its creator, André Cassagnes, using nothing more than Etch A Sketch Drawings.

The two-minute video first gives an example of what the Etch A Sketch can do, which still doesn't include perfect circles. Maybe a genius will figure that out eventually, but not today. Then it delves into the story of Cassagnes, who grew up as the son of a baker but was allergic to flour. He eventually became an electrician and got the idea for his toy while installing a light switch.

The clip also touches on his career as a kite designer, proving that Cassagnes may have truly had the best job one can hope for. If only they would develop a version of the Etch A Sketch that made it easy for everyone to make masterpieces.
Photo/Video credit: Ohio Art Company/YouTube