'Weeds' Season 6 teaser trailer: Nancy buries her secrets

weeds-mary-louise-parker-teaser.jpgThe "Weeds" Season 6 teaser trailer features a black-clad hot mama Mary-Louise Parker's Nancy Botwin burying all her Season 5 secrets -- set to a jaunty little tune called "Terrible Things" by April Smith --

A ringing cell phone with Esteban on the other end, a handgun, passport, the Jesus bobbled camera she got from Guillermo and Shane's croquet mallet that he used to brain Pilar in the season finale.

Where will Season 6 take the Botwins? What we know so far is that Nancy and her brood will be starting over in Seattle -- with some help from a woman named Linda, played by Linda Hamilton, and her partner Fiona. Elizabeth Perkins has said Season 6 will be her last "Weeds" season.

The sixth season premieres August 16, 2010 on Showtime.