'Today' show did not sub Perez Hilton for Ann Coulter. Darn it...


According to an erroneous report on Drudge, NBC's "Today" show abruptly cut conservative author/mouthpiece Ann Coulter from its Tuesday show, claiming the schedule was "overbooked."

Executives at "Today" were said to have replaced Coulter with notorious celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton, the man who draws bodily fluids coming out of celebrities' mouths and other orifices.

Oooh, good item. Just not true.

On Monday, Coulter screamed bloody murder when her "Today" slot was canceled, telling Fox News' Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes that NBC had booked her only as a "charade" to keep her from going on other shows.

NBC disputes the charge. They say Coulter was bumped so the program could devote extra time to developments in the Gaza Strip, including Matt Lauer's interview with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"We've had Ann Coulter on 'Today' many times, but because of the news in Washington and the Middle East, we decided to cancel her appearance on Tuesday morning," said NBC spokeswoman Megan Kopf. "Understanding the media as well as she does, we are sure she knows this happens from time to time."

After Coulter's complaints -- and coverage on the Drudge Report, which reported that NBC had banned her for life, which the network denied -- she was invited to appear on two segments of "Today" on Wednesday.

Personally, I'd like to see Coulter and HIlton on a talk show together. Now that would be fun to watch.

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