WGN America's 'Salem': New trailer asks what's worse than a witch hunt? A lot, clearly


WGN America's first scripted series "Salem" centers on the Salem witch trials that ruined many innocent lives in the name of finding and killing witches. The series won't shy away from all that death and destruction by the looks of the just-released trailer. 

It may only be a quick 15-second video, but the footage teases quite a lot of dark creatures and evil forces. Of course, the big question is who is the real villain: The witches or the leaders of the witch hunt who killed and tortured innocent humans?

And don't expect this supernatural series to feature brooding hot guys falling in love amidst all the magic and mayhem. "Salem" is focusing on the literal 17th century lifestyle, giving male leads Shane West and Seth Gabel dirty, hairy faces -- and based on the trailer, the characters are more worried about surviving and ridding their town of evil than love triangles.

Watch the new promo below:

"Salem" premieres Sunday, April 20th on WGN America.

Photo/Video credit: WGN America