'What Not to Wear' series finale: Clinton Kelly and Stacy London say goodbye

what-not-to-wear-series-finale-TLC.jpgTLC's "What Not to Wear" came to a close on Friday night (Oct. 18), with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly taking a road trip to pop in on past makeovers, then ending up in Las Vegas for the final makeover, because as Clinton says, "I don't think our final makeover should be a frumpy mom. I can't take it."

Along the way, they stop and see Ebony in Chicago, who has a baby now, Thaddeus -- "He's completely changed my life," she tells Stacy and Clinton.

They also check in on Joy, the girl from Season 6 who wore a tail -- one of the most memorable makeovers ever. She says she couldn't go grocery shopping without being bombarded with questions about the show, so she dyed her hair. Joy is now working as a computer programmer and is married with a daughter.

When they finally reach Vegas, the final makeover is done on Dawn, a girl who wins her makeover while literally wearing a lace bodysuit over a black bra and panties. Yikes. During the makeover, she ends up in a beautiful white and pink pantsuit -- that was definitely our favorite look on her.

What did you think of the final episode of "What Not to Wear"?

Photo/Video credit: TLC