'White Collar' preview: Sara returns, Burke's in-laws and a wedding?

"White Collar" has some major twists in store for its Tuesday night (Feb. 7) episode. The preview video above teases the return of Sara ( Hilarie Burton), who is thrown together with Neal for a case as they search for a missing Stradivarius violin. Meanwhile, Beau Bridges is back as Agent Kramer - we're assuming he was not satisfied with Keller's taking credit for the treasure heist.

Meanwhile, Agent Burke has his hands full at home - Elizabeth's parents are in town and are being played by the wonderful Debra Monk and Tom Skerritt (pictured below). That ought to prove fun for the greatest married couple on TV.

And in another wonderful twist, our USA contacts tell us that "Special Agent Diana ( Marsha Thomason) may finally have plans to tie the knot with girlfriend Christie." A "White Collar" wedding!  Love it.

"White Collar" airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Photo/Video credit: USA