'White Collar's' Treat Williams: Sam 'wants nothing to do with Peter'

treat-williams-white-collar.jpg Treat Williams, beloved by "Everwood" fans everywhere, is coming to "White Collar" Tuesday, Aug. 28 as Sam, the mysterious undercover cop with ties to Ellen and Neal's father. He can't reveal much about his six-episode arc, but he does tell Zap2it that Sam is extremely cautious.

"I can describe him as a tough ex-cop who is extraordinarily wary of Neal's connection with Peter, the FBI connection," says Williams. "Not only is he wary of Neal, but he wants nothing to do with Peter. He wants to find Ellen's killer. He needs information from Neal to do that and Neal wants information from him, so it's a bit of a dance in terms of trust."

Williams also says it was a fun character to play because it really allowed him to come full circle in terms of playing an officer of the law.

"[Sam] is a hardened guy, one would assume slightly damaged. But it's a fun character to play because ... all the cops I played back in the day were really youthful, gung-ho cops and it's fun to come back 30 years later and play a cop with some gravitas and a bit of history," says Williams.

We had to ask, even though we knew we wouldn't get an answer -- is Sam really Neal's dad?

"I can't answer that," says Williams. "Every script I get, I don't know where I'm going. I finally stopped asking questions. Each time I think it's going to be one thing, it's something else. I've probably seen 'The Big Sleep' 25 times and I can't tell you the plot. This is like being in 'The Big Sleep.'"

And whether or not Williams (and Sam) come back to "White Collar," Williams says it was just the greatest group to work with.

"It's the nicest group of people I've ever worked with.Those guys are just, I wish the fans to know, those guys are as nice as they seem, Tim and Matt and Willie, all the kids on the show," says Williams. "You couldn't have a more professional, lovely group of people to come to work with."

"White Collar" airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.
Photo/Video credit: USA