Why no one hung with Tyrese Gibson on ROTF: He tweets too much!

Tyrese Gibson talks about much he loves Twitter (Michael Bay and Megan Fox don't). at the ROTF press conference.

He explains how he took his fans on a world tour and kept them up to date with all the film locations.

He says he loves the instant gratification of posting photos of he and his costars "hanging out" and enjoyed taking the fans behind the scenes to all the six or seven countries they shot in.

"Which is why no one likes to hang with Tyrese," says his costar Kevin Dunn, mentioning the potential global embarrassment of candid -- and yes, possibly drunken --  photos being sent out to "everyone on the planet."

"Here's me, with a glass of tequila on my forehead," says Dunn, as everyone laughs.

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Flip video by Elizabeth Snead