'Wife Swap's' Alicia Guastaferro sues ABC for $100 Million

alicia-guastaferro-wife-swap-320.jpgIt's never a good idea to have reality show cameras capture your teen years ... especially when you're a bit of a diva.

Alicia Guastaferro, 18, is suing ABC, the network that airs "Wife Swap," for $100 million ... yes, $100 million ... saying that her appearance on an episode when she was 15 led to her being made fun of by her classmates, death threats and a tumble from honor roll to special ed.

In turn, she claims to now suffer panic attacks and have developed suicidal tendencies.

Guastaferro, a former teen beauty queen -- Little Miss Buffalo to be exact -- wore a tiara and Barbie pink pageant gown on "Wife Swap," bragged about her popularity and said that she felt "sorry for people that are not gorgeous people."

Well, don't we all?

Still, Guastaferro argues that ABC and their parent company, Walt Disney, staged such scenes to "maximize her public embarrassment" for profit.

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Photo Credits: ABC