Will Tom Hiddleston have his own 'Avengers' movie: 'I hope so,' he tells 'Chelsea Lately'

tom-hiddleston-thor-getty.jpg"Hollow Crown" and "Thor: The Dark World" star Tom Hiddleston stopped by "Chelsea Lately" on Monday (Nov. 4), where he talked about how he originally auditioned for the part of Thor but got cast as villain Loki instead.

"There were a bunch of us, we were auditioning. ... [To prepare] I did less running and more lifting of things for a while," says Hiddleston, to which host Chelsea Handler says it's maybe a little dumb to bulk up before you actually have the part.

"Some might say 'insane,'" laughs Hiddleston. "It was really fun, actually. I basically went from about 180 pounds to 198 pounds, I had something like seven percent body fat. I auditioned, I swung the hammer ... but they were always looking for Loki as well and the closer I got, the more they were like, 'Actually, you should play the bad guy.'"

When Handler asks if Loki will have his own "Avengers" stand-alone film, the audience cheers wildly and Hiddleston says, "I hope so."

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