Win 'Big Brother 13' jury art: Whose is your favorite?

jeff_art.jpgCBS is running kind of an interesting giveaway as "Big Brother 13" comes to a close - you can win one of the one-of-a-kind paintings the six jury members have painted during their time in the Jury House.

The official CBS site says: "The BB jury has created one-of-a-kind art & now you have the chance to win these originals! Enter by tweeting us @CBSBigBrother and tag #bbjuryart letting us know what your favorite is! See official rules:"

That's actually kind of cool! And now I kind of want one. I think Danielle, Jeff and Kalia's paintings are my favorites, in that order. Also, it's interesting how Kalia and Shelly did montages of their experience in the house, Jordan and Brendon painted themselves with their significant others, Jeff went for humor and Danielle painted herself.

The "Big Brother 13" finale airs Wednesday night (Sept. 14) at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Check out all the art in our "Big Brother" photo gallery.

Photo/Video credit: CBS