Woman sues Match.com for $10 million after being attacked

wade-mitchell-ridley-woman-sues-match-com-for-10-million-dollars-police.jpgA Las Vegas woman is suing Match.com after she was brutally attacked by a date the site set her up with. Mary Kay Beckman is asking for $10 million from the company for failing to warn users about the dangers of online dating.

According to CBS News, Beckman claims she met Wade Mitchell Ridley on the website in September 2010, and cut the relationship off after eight days. Four months later, Ridley hid in Beckman's garage and waited for her to come home. Upon her arrival, Ridley attacked her with a knife. "There were 10 stab wounds, eight on my physical body, two on my head," Beckman says, "and when the knife broke, there was stomping on my head."

Beckman has undergone a series of surgeries to repair the damage done in the attack, including having part of her skull removed and replaced with a "synthetic component." Ridley was arrested for the attack in February 2011, and was also charged with the murder of another woman in Phoenix, Ariz. He committed suicide in prison

While Match.com understands Beckman's experience was awful, they dismiss the lawsuit as "absurd," saying that Ridley had no known criminal record.

This isn't the first lawsuit brought against the site. Carole Markin, of Los Angeles, Ca., sued the site after she was set up with a convicted sex offender who raped her. She wasn't asking for money, but wanted the site to install a screening system to filter out sexual predators
Photo/Video credit: Las Vegas Police Department