'World News Now's' Diana Perez: 'It took a little while to find our groove'

diana-perez-abc-world-news-now-abc-325.jpgZap2it: How is it to adapt to working overnights every weeknight on "World News Now"?

Diana Perez: It really is a challenge, because everyone who surrounds the show falls in love with whatever format they've been doing. It was one way when Paula [Faris] and Rob [Nelson] were there, and they had built in a certain amount of time to do certain things ... for chatting or [such segments as] "The Mix" or "The Skinny."

All of that changed when John [Muller] and I came in, because we have our own individual styles -- and not only that, but we've created a style together. Everybody has to get on board with what's going on, and it took a little while to find our groove. And when we did, it just became second nature.

Zap2it: At that hour, the audience grows very accustomed to news anchors. How have you found that aspect?

Diana Perez: We have some very, very loyal fans, and they're not afraid to let us know when we say something they're not a fan of or show video they're not a fan of -- or if we say something that's struck a chord. If I have an opinion about something or mention some extra little nugget of information, that will spark a conversation on Facebook, or I'll get Tweets about it.

Whatever it is, it's something so unexpected, almost always the little thing you'll toss out as you're going to a break. I think that is even more rewarding, just to know they're connecting with you on a basic level. That's just a wonderful feeling.
Photo/Video credit: ABC