WWE's CM Punk gets angry about bad grammar for YouTube Geek Week - Watch the videos

If there's one person you don't want to anger, it's a guy who gets paid to beat people up. If you use bad grammar, that's exactly what you're doing to WWE Superstar CM Punk. The self-proclaimed best wrestler in the world stars in a new web series on YouTube, released as part of the site's Geek Week, called "CM Punk's Grammar Slam."

In the short videos, Punk reads through tweets and letters from people who are, let's say, not fans of his. He then ridicules them for using bad grammar, while teaching the proper uses of several words. It's one of the best things that could possibly come from Geek Week.

Each of the five videos is capped off by Punk breaking a glass or bottle over the head of some poor production assistant who just doesn't understand proper grammar.

If you can handle listening to Punk yell (because he does, a lot) and stand the vulgarity (he's very passionate about grammar), check out the videos below:

Photo/Video credit: YouTube