Wyclef Jean accused of mis-spending charity money meant for victims of Haiti earthquake

wyclef-jean-onstage.jpgWyclef Jean, a native of Haiti, sprung into action after an earthquake devastated his country nearly two years ago. However, the NY Post reports that the foundation may have misled donors about just how the money would be used. According to tax reports, the Yele Haiti Foundation collected $16 million in 2010, but only $5.1 million of that money went to relief efforts.

Jean tells the Associated Press that the allegations are bogus. "It's starting to just be ridiculous," he says. "People on the Internet are asking: 'What is it about this guy that y'all really don't like?'"

He suggests that the media should direct its attention elsewhere. "There are a lot of foul things going on on the ground in Haiti. The aid money promised, the earthquake relief, the idea of where are we going as a nation, the amount of money disbursed to big organizations, and the New York Post has mentioned nothing of that."

He notes that a large bulk of donations received immediately after the quake were held for future use in 2011 and onward, so that they wouldn't run out once donations died down.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images