'X Factor': Astro's hair, Josh Krajcik's fans and Paula Abdul's seat change

simon-cowell-x-factor-ratings.jpgElimination night is always a big deal, but some other interesting things happened during Thursday's (Dec. 1) "The X Factor."

Here the best of what happened when the cameras stopped rolling:

The Fog - The dry ice people still haven't figured out the system. This week it drifted so deep that it enveloped the judges table. L.A. Reid had some fun with it by pretending to smoke cigarettes...or was it something else? Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand was too busy waiving it all away.

The Sampson Effect - The day Astro sports a new hairdo is the day he gets voted off the competition. Perhaps he should have stayed with the old look?

Bizarre Sign Award - Of all the fan placards we thought we'd ever see, one that says "Court Reporters Love Josh" wasn't one of them. Yeah, we don't get it either.

Cheshire Cat - As the rest of the judges were on stage during the elimination portion of the show, Paula Abdul slid over to Simon Cowell's seat for a spell. After Cowell came out on stage, she quickly slid back to her normal spot.

Did you bring enough for the rest of us? - True fact. The ushers make sure that no one in the audience is chewing gum. And if they catch you, they come up to you with a cup and make you spit it out.   
Photo/Video credit: FOX