'X Factor': Paula Abdul on lessons learned from Drew Ryniewicz's elimination

paula-abdul-x-factor-premiere-gi.jpgPaula Abdul has been receiving a lot of criticism for casting the deciding vote that sent Drew Ryniewicz home on last week's "The X Factor." But as she explains it, Drew's elimination had little to do with her "Billie Jean" performance and more to do with her "save me" song, Roxette's "Listen to Your Heart."

She states that what was lacking in Ryniewicz's performance was "an emotional connection." It certainly didn't help matters that the 14-year-old, by her own admission, messed up the song when she missed a key change.

Abdul argues with what many say should be the determining factor in the voting, body of work. "Don't tell me that you have to look at the consistency or who is going to be marketable," she says.

That being said, Abdul did have complaints about the lack of diversity in Ryniewicz's performance in recent weeks. The Arizonan had resorted to a series of ballads. Abdul suggested that Ryniewicz should have offered more.

"In these competitions, playing it safe doesn't always pan out," she says. "You have to show an audience...that you can do other things. You [need to] entertain an audience in ways that make them take notice and say, 'what a well-rounded performer.'"
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images