'X Factor' Top 4: Are Restless Road and Jeff Gutt finals-bound?

restless-road-x-factor-FOX.jpgDid you think that once we were down to four acts, the show would only be an hour long? Think again, "X Factor" fans.

1. Carlito Olivero, "Boyfriend" and "I Need to Know"

Well, he knows his target audience, even bringing a girl on stage to sit in a chair while he sings and wiggles his pelvis at her. It's ... pretty cheesy, but I suspect the voters will really dig it. Is it going to be Carlito vs. Restless Road for the title? Hmm.

Vocally, this is solid, I'll give him that. "Boyfriend" is not the most demanding song by any stretch of the imagination, but he's hitting all the notes, which is more than he has done in some weeks.

However, "I Need to Know" is a step in the right direction. It's still not an overly challenging song, but it's better than boyfriend and he sounds terrific. Carlito was pretty solid this week.

2. Restless Road, "That's My Kind of Night" and "Wanted"

"My Kind of Night" is actually the best Restless Road has sounded. They do best with rompin' stompin' country that doesn't require intricate harmonies. The solos are in a good spot for each of the guys, they're showing off personality. Even the tall awkward one looks more at east. Kudos to Restless Road on this one.

Interestingly, Demi says it was awkward. Really? You have praised the crap out of them on performances that were WAY rougher than this.

"Wanted" is another good performance, though it sounds like a lot of backup from the accompanying singers. However, it's not awkward and it sounds pretty nice. Restless Road just sang their way into the finals.

3. Alex & Sierra, "Little Talks" and "Gravity"

Interesting song choice. Is "Little Talks" well known enough for the voters? They sound nice, this is right in the wheelhouse of the type of music they should release post-show, but would they have been better served by doing their Alex & Sierra thing on a song viewers will know better? Or maybe doing a more obscure song is a smart choice. Hmm.

I liked it, but I'm not sure they can beat the three performers left in the competition. Their second song has to be amazing for them to stay.

And then -- it actually is pretty great. Wow. I actually didn't type a single word during the whole performance, I was entranced. I'm going to download that. This is such a contest tonight, you guys!

4. Jeff Gutt, "Hallelujah" and "Demons"

I've been wondering when he would whip out "Hallelujah." This is like reality singing competition show dynamite. This is a terrific song choice and the only question is why didn't he wait to do this in the finals -- except he's gotta make it to the finals first, so perhaps this was a smart play this week. Either way, Jeff sounds terrific. I love the changes he's making to the melody line. Makes it his own without bastardizing it. Now, I prefer this song more as a ballad than a rock anthem, but rock is Jeff's thing, so that's fine. If he can turn in a solid second performance, he should be in the finals.

And then he does. His "Demons" is just as solid as "Hallelujah" and should secure him a spot in the finals. In fact, Jeff Gutt probably deserves to win this whole thing.

5. Carlito Olivero and Alex & Sierra, "Falling Slowly," Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová

This battle thing is ... hmm. Kind of a time filler, huh? IT's not like they'll ever have to sing together after the show is over. And it's not like they are similar artists, either. I'd prefer to hear them sing separately, honestly. But Sierra really shows off some pipes and nobody blows it, so good job?

6. Jeff Gutt and Restless Road, "Every Breath You Take," The Police

Great song for Jeff, he really lucked out on this pick. He sounds terrific. Restless Road, though, holds their own. The song doesn't suit them as well, but they work it out. Of course, this is even a weirder pairing than the last one. Why are we even doing these?

So, who's going home?

If I had my way, it'd be Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt in the finals, but I think Restless Road is going to advance. Not that they were bad this week, but I find them more inconsistent than A&S.

What do you think, "X Factor" fans?

Photo/Video credit: FOX