Zap2it Awards: 'Mad Men's' Sally Draper and more of the Least Annoying TV Children

jabbar-sally-draper-luke-dunphy.jpgNothing can take you out of a fabulously acted TV show more than terrible acting by a poorly cast child. (Not that we're trying to name names, but "Smash," take note.) That said, there are plenty of shows with A+ casting departments that managed to find a child actor not prone to excessive precociousness. In the latest installment of the Zap2it Awards, honoring the small-screen achievements of the 2011-2012 season, we pay tribute to the least annoying children on TV.

Take, for example, Jabbar from "Parenthood" or Sally Draper from "Mad Men," two kids who actually add to the scenes they're in and enhance the stellar performances of their adult costars rather than stand out for their overall awfulness. And they're not the only ones. Young Emily on "Revenge" is not only a perfect small doppelganger of Emily VanCamp, she has the acting skills to boot.

So, who's your favorite least annoying TV child? Vote in our poll, and tell us why you chose who you did in the comments!

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Photo/Video credit: NBC/AMC/ABC