Zombie apocalypse cancelled in Quebec by Canadian government

The people of Quebec can walk the streets, safe in the knowledge that they won't be living "The Walking Dead" anytime soon. The government has stepped in to cancel plans for a zombie-themed training exercise, according to the Canadian Press.

At an annual symposium on civil security planning, the idea was to use a hypothetical zombie apocalypse to test the province's emergency preparedness. The theme has been used elsewhere, with the thought that an impossible event would help officials think of new solutions to problems. It's not a bad idea, and it sounds more fun than the new plan, faking a flood.

After complaints of wasteful government spending for something so silly, Public Security Minister Stephane Bergeron has ordered the exercise be changed. He says, in a statement, that the zombie apocalypse workshop has overshadowed the actual goal of emergency preparedness.

He'll be singing a different tune when the dead walk the earth.

Canada can't seem to get away from zombies, as the idea of an invasion also made it into the House of Commons Wednesday. A representative of the country's New Democratic Party questioned the country's level of zombie preparedness, claiming an outbreak could cause a continent-wide pandemic. 

He was met with a round of laughter, and a partial standing ovation, before the Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird proclaimed Canada would never become a safe haven for zombies, should the apocalypse happen.

Though, if they keep cancelling all of the zombie training, how will they stop it?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/YouTube