Zynga shuts down Petville and 10 other online games


Zynga, the company best known for games like "Farmville" and Mafia Wars," has shut down 11 of its least profitable titles. That means if you're a big fan of apps like "PetVille," "Mafia Wars 2" or "Fishville," you're out of luck.

TechCrunch has the full list of titles, all of which have either been shut down or pulled from app stores. Also being axed are "Vampire Wars," "Treasure Isle," "Indiana Jones Adventure World," "Mafia Wars Shakedown," Forestville," "Montopia," "Mojitomo" and "World Scramble Challenge."

Zynga has become infamous for blatantly ripping off other successful games or just buying out the companies that develop them. One of their latest ventures was to buy the company A Bit Lucky, which is responsible for the Facebook-based game "Lucky Train." Reuters reported that the purchase was part of a shift to "mid-core offerings" rather than "casual games" like "Words with Friends" and "Cityville."

However, Forbes claims the company "can't rely on just copying their competitors anymore," and that that model of business has proven less successful for Zynga over the past year. The company underwent massive layoffs in October, and its IPO is down 80 percent. That explains why Zynga has opted to trim the fat, though it remains to be seen if the company can turn itself around in 2013 -- or, god forbid, create something new.

Photo/Video credit: Zynga